Anyone who has been through a motor vehicle accident knows that it can be a traumatic experience. Whether the accident involved an car, motorcycle, or commercial vehicle, you have the right to take legal action against any person, company, or entity that is responsible.

As consumers, we trust that the products we purchase meet certain standards for safety. We also have to trust that the products used or prescribed by our physicians or made available to purchase are safe and free defects or flaws that could inflict injury, illness, or death.
If you have sustained injuries because of a product defect or recalled drug, you may have a product liability claim.

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Refinery Accidents

Because of the materials used in chemical plants and oil refineries, workers in these settings face very real dangers.

Houston, Texas is well known for its petrochemical industry, and the associated Oil Refineries and Chemical Plants provide a vital role in our economy.

But because of the materials used in chemical plants and oil refineries, workers in these settings face very real dangers.
Around the world, plant and refinery employees are injured or killed on the job almost every day. Even more tragically, many of the accidents responsible take place as a result of the negligence of other employees, employers, or third parties.


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Unfortunately, workers' compensation does not always cover the full amount to which workers may be entitled for their injuries. Injured plant and refinery workers need an experienced accident attorney who will tirelessly pursue complete restitution for their losses.

Many of the injuries associated with petrochemical and refinery accidents (including burns from explosions and scalding liquid, and spinal cord and head injuries from falls) often prevent the injured worker from ever returning to the job. Most of these injuries result in permanent injury and many others are fatal.

The legal issues involved with a personal injury or death occurring on an industrial or manufacturing plant accident site can be complicated due to the location and ownership of the site itself as well as the many parties in question.

After a worker is injured, representatives and lawyers of the different companies will usually meet to discuss the details of the accident and hire investigators to document the site. But access to the site or the equipment involved is usually blocked for the injured parties, requiring the intevention of an experienced attorney to protect the evidence and investigate the site.

Victims should seek counsel from a trusted and reputable lawyer to determine if they may be able to file a successful civil complaint following any injury in an industrial setting, especially if it was caused by the overt negligence of another individual, Brent M. Cordell is dedicated to ensuring that individuals injured in these often catastrophic accidents receive the compensation they deserve. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with a plant and refinery accident expert. We are on your side.


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